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Our Face to Face training is deployed as public or private, tailored, interactive and engaging sessions led by a professional trainer with 15 years on the ground experience in China.


Training is deployed as one-on-one, classroom, workshop or seminar style and can last from one-hour to 5-days depending on the depth of knowledge and capability required by the client.


China Business & Skills

Private Training

Suitable for all sectors

Practical, realistic and results-oriented this course transfers the knowledge, understanding and capability necessary for successful business interactions with China and the Chinese.

1. China Today
2. Business Ethics & Values
3. Relationship Management
4. Communication
5. Negotiation & Influence
6. Protocol & Etiquette
7. Structural Differences
8. China Market Insights
9. China Market Engagement Options
10. Intellectual Property and other Business Risk
11. China Strategy

Business Foundation

Private Training

A foundation course for business with China & Chinese

This course presents the foundation of knowledge needed for effective business with China, with insights in to market dynamics, culture, demographics and the political environment.

1. Introduction
2. Recent History & Current Trends
3. China Demographics
4. Economy
5. Business Ethics & Values
6. Building & Maintaining relationships
7. Business Meetings
8. Greeting Protocol
7. Dining Protocol

Delegation Participants

Private Training

For people participating in delegations to or from China

Covering a basic understanding of China & Chinese society today, protocol and communication expectations. For people going to China it can include practical traveling tips including essential health and safety information.

1. Introduction to China today
2. Introduction to Place(s) delegation will be visiting
3. Ethics & Values
4. Building & Maintaining relationships
5. Protocol: Greeting, Meeting, Dining, Gifting
6. Communication
7. What to take & personal presentation
8. Health & Safety best practices

Delegation Planning

Private Training

For anyone involved in planning delegations to or from China

This course is designed for anyone planning a delegation to China or planning the hosting of a delegation from China. It covers logistics, planning, materials to prepare, legal considerations and communication with hosts and delegates. This training should be presented well in advance, ideally as soon as planning begins.

1. Delegation Goals & Strategy
2. Location(s), Timing
3. Logistics: Transportation, Accommodation, Activities
4. Preparation: Communication with Chinese parties
5. Preparation: Supporting Materials
6. Legal considerations & requirements
7. Next Steps

Working in China

Private Training

For anyone working in China

This course focuses on professional success in China. From protocol to communication styles, this course provides the tools and knowledge non-Chinese need to be successful working on the ground in China.

1. Professional & Organisational Goals
2. Challenges & opportunities
3. Work Relationships
4. Protocol: Greeting, Meeting, Dining, Gifting
5. Communication Styles
6. Negotiation & Decision Making

Living in China

Private Training

For anyone living in China

This course is aimed at assignees and spouses who will be or are already living in to China. The realities of life in China for a non-Chinese is presented with discussion on how to make the most of the opportunity, and to have a successful assignment.

1. Introductions
2. Introduction to China Today
3. What is Culture & Culture Shock
4. Ethics & Values
5. Building & Maintaining Relationships
6. Health and Safety
7. Daily Life - Housing, Transport, Food, etc.
8. Intro to Chinese Language

Tourism Frontline

Private Training

For anyone servicing Chinese visitors

This course is aimed at anyone working in or with the tourism industry at any level. Covering the importance and changing nature of the Chinese tourism market, why this market is different from many traditional tourism source markets, what we can do to understand Chinese visitors, provide better service and ensure they have a positive experience.

1. Tourism and the China Market
2. Introduction to China Today
3. Social Ethics & Values
4. Improving Communication
5. Specific skills as appropriate:
- Accommodation
- Food & Beverage
- Retail
- Activity
- Ground Transport
- Airline

Tourism Manager

Private Training

For tourism operators wanting to increase business from China

This course is aimed at owners and managers of Tourism operations. It covers the importance of the Chinese market, and how to adapt products, services and marketing to maximise Chinese tourism revenue.

1. Market segmentation
2. Evolving market
3. Adapting products & services
4. Chinese travel buying & influences
5. Adapting marketing for the Chinese
6. Chinese social media
7. Next steps

Government Foundation

Private Training

A foundation course for government staff

This course is aimed at all government employees, irrespective of their experience with China. It covers understanding China today and how it came to be; understanding influences on the Chinese, maximizing our relationships and basic protocol tips.

1. Introduction
2. Recent History & Current Trends
3. China Demographics
4. Economy
5. Ethics & Values
6. Building & Maintaining relationships
7. Business Meetings
8. Greeting Protocol
9. Dining Protocol

Government Influence

Private Training

Communication, negotiating and influencing for government staff

This course is aimed at all government employees, and would benefit those in a China facing role. It focuses on improving outcomes through relationship building by learning about interactions, and negotiating and influencing skills relevant to the Chinese culture.

1. Communication styles
2. Hierarchy
3. Face & Guanxi
4. Situational Flexibility
5. Avoiding Conflict
6. Translation & Interpretation
7. In Person Communication
8. Written Communication
9. Telephone Communication
10. Negotiation & Decision Making
11. Protocol & Etiquette - gifting, dining, etc.
12. Hosting & Leading Delegations
13. Chinese consumers; markets and marketing
14. Adjustment for Chinese in your country

Chinese Government

Private Training

Understand Chinese government structure and systems

This course is aimed at people who wish to understand more about the Chinese Government structure and systems. It covers legislative and policy trends and is aimed at increasing participants’ knowledge of the workings and influence of Government in China.

1. Government Structure
2. Government Systems
3. Government Mechanisms
4. Legislation & Regulation
5. Corporate Governance - SOE & Private
6. Policy Trends
7. Sector Specific Updates (e.g. Food Security, Safety, etc.)


Private Training

Successful use of Chinese marketing, branding and the media

What type of Marketing/Branding/Media works for my business in China? This module helps you understand the China market and how you can use marketing, branding and the media to be successful there.

1. Market Trends
2. Market Research
3. Branding
4. Media
5. Communications - language, visuals, etc.
6. Chinese buying habits: E-Commerce, Online to Offline, etc.

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