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Our online video training quickly transfers knowledge and capability allowing learners to adapt thinking, behaviour and communication for easier and more successful interactions with China and the Chinese...
- anywhere, anytime on any device.


Select training by sector or activity and use as a Course by watching the videos in sequence or a Video Learning Library of comprehensive Job Aids - allowing learners to quickly get up to speed in a particular area or specific task they are about to undertake.

Knowledge Transfer

Videos are between four and eight minutes long and address a specific topic or task. They provide audio/visual knowledge transfer re-enforced by on screen text and a Key Points PDF download is provided for later quick reference or whilst on the job.

To keep the learner focused redundant information is minimised. To ensure effective knowledge transfer learners can pause, take notes, go back to go over subject matter again, and pick up where they left off, allowing great learning outcomes.


Take a minute to check out this clip and learn two things that will help you interact with Chinese.

See Courses & Costs

You can select your course, see the cost and start training in a few minutes time by purchasing access online.

If you need access for more people or have a different requirement simply contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate you. The more people you want to train the lower the cost - our largest client has 45,000 users.

We also develop and deploy customised online video training for clients with a specific requirement ranging from frontline quarantine officers to tourism organisations and entire governments. Contact us to tell us what you need.

Need Something Different?

Contact us and tell us what you need.

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