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This course increases capability to provide better services to Chinese visitors & to increase revenue from the Chinese Visitor Market.

Practical and realistic it quickly provides tools to help frontline staff meet, greet, communicate, service and understand your Chinese guests. It helps operation management adapt services or products, get better reviews, and promote your business better to the China market as well as learning business etiquette & protocols for trade dealings with Chinese.

The course is on demand, on any device making it easy to fit in to busy schedules and deploy to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Suitable For

This course is suitable for frontline staff, management and owners of organisations working in the tourism sector.

Topics covered are suitable for anyone interested in the Chinese visitor market, including general tips for any operation as well as specific best practice for operations in F&B, accommodation, activities and retail, as well as tips on selling to Chinese. Management content includes ideas for maximizing revenue from Chinese travel market including product adaptation and effective marketing.


Coursework is presented in a series of 10-15 minute modules. Each module includes a 4-8 minute video, two activities, an auto-graded quiz and a key points download.

Learners can pause, go back to go over subject matter again, and pick up where they left off, allowing great learning outcomes.

Course progress is displayed and on completion students gain a course certificate. Full reporting is available for corporate multi-user clients. Individuals can sign up online below and corporate multi-user accounts are available with reduced costs

Course Content

Understand Differences

Better service & more revenue by understanding your Chinese guests.

Covering: Top source market, +135 Million travellers annually, Spend, Top 10% USD2k Per Day, From package to FIT, From sightseeing & brands to experience & lifestyle, Unique & authentic, Mobile device, PRC government support.

Covering: Population, Size, Urbanisation, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Mandarin, Cantonese & other, Simplified & traditional characters, Age demographics, Social status, Education, Recent changes, High net worth individuals, Luxury buying, Middle class, Large, Competitive, Changing, Valuable Market.

Covering: Understand for easier interactions, Avoid conflict, Diplomatic falsehood, Big picture first, Laughter & embarrassment, Tactical anger, Compliments, Foreign language anxiety, Slow not loud, Short sentences, Simple grammar, Closed questions, Right answers, Sayings, Body language, Hierarchy, Effort appreciated.

Covering: Facilitate communication, Comfortable & cooperative – easier interaction, Recommendations for sales, Avoiding conflict, Diplomatic communication, Big picture, Laughter embarrassment, Tactical anger, Compliments, Anxiety, Slow not loud, Translation time, Short sentences, Grammar, Closed vs. open questions, Right answers, Two hands, Pointing, Shouting, Focus on leader.

Covering: Welcome, Staff/guest ratio, Language Expectations, Phrases, Signage, Simplified & traditional characters, Photo opportunities, Food, Smoking, Numbers, Cash, China UnionPay, Gifts, Negotiation, Relationship & benefits.

Provide Better Service

How to more easily & efficiently service your Chinese guests.

Covering: Seating, Ordering style, Individual ordering, Tasters, Explain dishes, Offer the best, Senior person first, Breakfast, Hot vs. Cold, Vegetables, Utensils, Tea, Honour to pay, Adapt, Appropriate, Polite guidance.

Covering: Names: family, given, spouse, booking name, Number of guests in room, Children, Safety & legal, Policy, Manager, Laughter, Removing shoes, Bathroom supplies, Breakfast, Bedding, Smoking, Cleaning, Kitchen facilities, Photo opportunities, Famous guests, Social media, Recommendations.

Covering: Unique, Authentic, Spontaneous good fortune, Will pay, Photos & video, Timetables & reasons, Hot food, Safety, Experience, Norms, Risks, Translations, Rules: reasons and consequences, Activity levels, QR codes, Gifts, Deals, China UnionPay, Chinese internet and social media.

Covering: Relationship important, Rapport impacts buying decision & amount, Chinese Welcome, China UnionPay, Chinese signage, Positive comments, Phrases, Compliments, Chinese gifting, Specialty & local products, Food, Health & beauty, Luxury, Unique, New or antique, Elegant vs. rustic, Discount discussions, Gifts, Bulk, Tax reduction, Shipping.

Increase Revenue

Attract more Chinese guests, get better reviews, and increase revenues.

Covering: Ordinary, Compelling, Must Do, Social norms, Experience without hardship, Transport, Memorable surprises, Social media, Group activities, Passive taster, Assisted, Food: end to end, Natural, fresh from source, Unique special, Visual & visceral, Social: ready to share, Flexible levels, Visual directions, Handouts, Audio, Video, Telephone, Chinese speaking, Websites.

Covering: Small guided, Individual self-drive, Convoy, Visiting, Young professional, Family, Active boomers, Trip order: first time, repeat, Spending power: moderate, middle, affluent.

Covering: Change Environment: space, people, PRC Urban, Clean, Safe, Relaxed, Stimulating, Low density, Levels of challenge, Zero distance immersion, Emotional, Physical, Visual, Appetites, Story, Sharing, What, How, Who, More colour, Authentic, Photos, Ethnicity, Poetic & emotional, Aspects of offering.

Covering: Importance, Difference, Use For Revenue, Influenced by recommendations, Language, PRC Government Control, Blocked Sites, Chinese Alternatives, Strategy, Get found, Amplifiers, Opinion leaders, Fully integrated Chinese social media presence.

Covering: Localising Message & Media, Resonate, Compel, Emotional, What, How, Who, Translate vs. Localise, Ethnicity, Colours, Social Media, Website, Print Broadcast, Distrust advertising, ROI print vs. broadcast, Print to online value, Media mentions, Incentivized sharing, Promotions, Key opinion leaders.

Trade Interactions

Business interactions and protocol for trade interactions with China and Chinese.

Covering: Leader to leader, Order of rank, Facilitators, Handshakes, Body language, Business cards, Addressing, Family name – Given name, Full name, As introduced, Use of titles, Respect documents, More formal.

Covering: Protocol, Expectations, Size of party, Supplies, Punctuality, Waiting, Seating, Best seat, Stand, Big picture to specifics, Small talk, Credibility, Relationships, Connections, National, Regional, Organisation background, Achievements, Compliments, Past cooperation, Agenda, Interpreter, Mobile devices, Oral summary, documented summary, Escorting out.

Covering: Relationship building, Trust, Private, Hosting, Expensive & exotic, Follow host’s lead, Etiquette breaches, Alcohol, Noises, Speeches, Toasts, Length, Paying, Leaving.

Covering: Cultural connotations, What to give, What not to give, Useful or display, Local items with story, Translation, Packaging, Presentation.

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Course Details

  • On - Demand

  • 18 Modules

  • 4-5 Hours

  • 18 Videos

  • 36 Activities

  • 18 Quizzes


  • Progress

  • Reports

  • Certificates

Key Outcomes

  • Chinese Visitor Skills

  • Communication Competency

  • Adaptation Capability

  • Increase Revenue

  • Deal With Trade

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