Key Projects

New Zealand Government

Online Video Training

Twenty six online videos deployed via the China Capable Public Sector programme to support staff from all government departments dealing with China & the Chinese

Timeline: 2017 – Present
Number of users: +45,000
Government Agencies: 36
Audience: All NZ Govt. Staff

Department of Trade and Enterprise

Face-To-Face Training

236 days of business training deployed for NZ businesses under contract with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise in support of the New Zealand - China Free Trade Agreement

Timeline: 2011 – 2015
Unique individuals: 1,700
Unique companies: 900
Course: 6 day business course

General Motors

Face-to-Face Training

China is General Motors’ largest market for vehicle production and sales. Occam developed and delivered training for 'managing and retaining Chinese engineers' for Western leaders, focusing on understanding Chinese employee/engineer expectations, communicating effectively across cultures, HR issues specific to China & retention strategies.

Number of participants: 80
Location: Shanghai, China

Shaw Group & Westinghouse

Face-To-Face Training

In 2007, Shaw and Westinghouse signed an agreement to provide four AP1000 nuclear power plants in Sanmen & Haiyang, China. Occam was engaged to develop and provide training for both Chinese & Foreign project staff focused on delivering results in the strategic cooperation with China's State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation.

Number of participants: 50
Location: Shanghai, Sanmen & Haiyang, China

Ministry for Primary Industries

Online Video

Eighteen online videos to support staff dealing with Chinese at the border, on fishing vessels & at bonded facilities

Timeline: 2014 – Present
Number of videos: 18
Audience: MPI Staff
Number of users: +2,500

Christchurch International Airport

Face-To-Face Training

Tourism training deployed to increase tourism providers capability and profitability with the China market

Days of training delivered: 43
Unique individuals: 2,000
Unique locations: (cities) 20
Timeline: 2013 – 2015

Discover South

Online Video

Twenty-four online videos deployed to increase capability and profitability with the China markets.

Number of videos: 24
Users: 50,000+
Timeline: 2014 – Present
Audience: NZ South Island Tourism Operators & Businesses

Alstom Transport

Face-To-Face Training

The Chinese Ministry of Railways contracted Alstom and CNR Changchun Railway Vehicles to produce 60 sets of high-speed trains. Occam provided training to both the Chinese and Western managers & engineers to enable them to work together and the technology transfer to take place.

Number of participants: 40
Location: Changchun, China

Air Products


Air Products have invested more than US$500m in China and engaged Occam to provide training to high potential Chinese managers focused on working in a multinational company, expectations of western leaders, and communication skills.

Number of participants: 40
Location: Beijing, China


Face-To-Face Training

AMEC is a British civil engineering company that has completed over 130 major projects in China. Occam was engaged to develop and deliver AMEC's First Step Behavioral Safety courses in a culturally appropriate manner for AMEC's HSE goals to be met in China.

Number of participants: 40
Location: Shanghai, China


Face-To-Face Training

Haldex acquired 85% stake in formerly State-owned Runguang Hydraulics in Qingzhou, Shandong province, a leading supplier to the Chinese construction machinery industry. Haldex engaged Occam to provide training for Chinese department heads, to help with the adjustment from a State owned entity to working for a European multinational

Number of participants: 30
Location: Qingzhou, China

Air New Zealand

Face-to-Face Training

Air New Zealand began operating direct services between New Zealand and China in November 2006. Occam developed and delivered training for Chinese cabin crew leaders – focusing on understanding western expectations, problem solving and communicating effectively across cultures. This was deployed in unison 'Managing Chinese cabin crew' training for the western Flight Services Managers.

Number of participants: 40
Location: Shanghai, China

Ministry for Primary Industries

Face-to-Face Training

Four-day modular course to support both administrative and frontline staff dealing with Chinese.

Timeline: 2014 – Present
Days of training delivered: 67
Unique individuals: 700

Tourism New Zealand

Face-To-Face Training

Tourism training deployed to increase tourism providers capability and profitability with the China market.

Timeline: 2012 – 2014
Number of participants: +1,000
Unique locations: (cities) 18

Alstom Power

Face-to-Face Training

Asian Leadership Training: 3-day course For Indian, Singaporean and Chinese Managers to work more effectively internationally across the region and within a French multinational company.

Number of participants: 20
Location: Singapore


Face-To-Face Training

Development and delivery of Expatriate Living & Working in China courses for Cargill assignees & their families delivered in multiple locations throughout China.

Timeline: 2006 – 2010
Number of participants: 40
Locations: Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing & Shanghai, China


Face-to-Face Training

Development & delivery One-on-One courses for senior executives of Wal-Mart, individually tailored to their role in China with the focus on adapting their professional capabilities to managing 100,000 staff in 439 retails units in 189 Chinese cities.

Location: Shenzhen, China

Intercontinental Hotel Group

Face-To-Face Training

General Manager Academy Session: Working effectively across Cultures for both Western and Chinese General Managers of Intercontinental Hotel Group properties in China.

Number of participants: 100
Location: Shanghai, China

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