Capability Training

China Capability training helps people from all sectors achieve their goals with China and the Chinese.

Practical and realistic it transfers knowledge, understanding and capability by covering a progression of topics necessary for successful interactions with China and the Chinese

These include: background knowledge, sector-awareness, cross cultural influences on mindset, effective communication, appropriate behaviours, tools and strategies to fulfil your role and meet your goals with China and the Chinese.

All Sectors

We provide both face-to-face and online courses for government, business, education, tourism and individuals.

From a single individual to organisations employing tens of thousands of people, Occam has China Training solutions suitable for most budgets, timescales, audiences & sectors.

Our clients include over 30 government departments, fifty multinational companies and 900+ small to medium enterprises.

Case Studies

We have delivered large and small scale training projects for corporate clients in five counties.

Our Face-to-face training been delivered in China, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore with projects for up to 2,000 participants and timescales from one week to 4 years.

Online training projects include private companies and over 30 government departments. Our largest online project is for 45,000+ users.


To ensure continuing quality we measure client feedback both internally and using external agencies.

An independent Net Promoter Score assessment resulted in a +80 NPS score.

Analysis of 18,600 feedback questions from 1,860 participants showed a 99.99% satisfaction rate.

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Online Courses

Online training is on-demand, includes videos, quizzes, activities, downloads, progress, measurements, reporting and certificates allowing convenient, effective and cost efficient China training solutions, anytime, anywhere.

Face-to-Face Courses

Deployed one-on-one, classroom, workshop or seminar style and can last from one hour to 5 days depending on the depth of knowledge and capability required by the client.

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