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Fast, Effective, Convenient

Using our existing framework we can convert any subject matter to online training deployed in a Learning Management System with video, auto-graded quizzes, activities, course certificates, and allowing individual user registration, tracking & reporting.

Utilising our existing framework allows us to offer eLearning services at considerably lower costs than you may expect. Contact us below for more details.

Learning Methodology & Outcomes

Engagement, knowledge transfer, retention and assessment is achieved in an intuitive process that the learner is automatically guided through and includes Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learning elements presenting subject matter multiple times in multiple formats to aid comprehension & retention as they progress through the module.

After a short topic introduction, the first thought activity helps connect the subject matter to the learner's own situation.

Seeing and hearing a person in the video provides the first visual & auditory transfer, immediately reinforced between video clips with text on screen (visual).

A second thought activity after the video serves to connect the new subject matter with the learner’s own situation and role.

In the quiz main learning outcomes are again highlighted (visual, kinesthetic) and if the learner gives incorrect answers, a review of that part of the subject matter is immediately & automatically provided (visual). The final section of a module reviews the key points of the subject matter (visual).

Using this methodology, the key points are presented four times in three different formats with actions throughout the module to engage the learner and maximise key learning outcomes.

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