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What It Does

This training helps you & your staff provide better service & increase revenue from the China Visitor Market. It quickly provides tools to help you meet, greet, communicate, service and understand your Chinese guests. It helps you adapt your service or products, get better reviews, promote your business better to the China market and you'll learn business etiquette & protocols for trade dealings with Chinese.

How It Works

The training is modular by task or topic and provided in 4-8 minute videos. You can watch them in sequence as a course in 2-3 hours or use as a library of comprehensive Job Aids - allowing you to quickly get up to speed in a particular area or specific task you are about to undertake. Access is by one-year subscription, costs, online / offline purchasing and other details are shown at the bottom of the page.

Training Videos in This Resource

Total Running Time : 2h 06m

Understand Differences

Better service & more revenue by understanding your Chinese guests

1. Chinese Visitor Market (6:42)

2. Introduction to China (8:14)

3. Key Differences (6:55)

4. Communication Etiquette (5:58)

Provide Better Service

How to more easily & efficiently service your Chinese guests

5. General Tips (6:54)

6. Food & Beverage (6:14)

7. Accommodation (7:41)

8. Activities & Retail (7:58)

9. Face To Face Sales (6:54)

Increase Revenue

Attract more Chinese guests, get better reviews, increase revenues

10. Adapting Services (6:54)

11. Market Segmentation (6:53)

12. Marketing to Chinese (5:57)

13. Chinese Social Media (5:21)

14. Marketing Practicalities (7.46)

Trade Interactions

Business interactions & protocol norms in China

15. Greeting Chinese (5:38)

16. Meetings (6:22)

17. Dining (7:11)

18. Gifting (3:54)


Take a minute to check out this clip and learn two things that will help you interact with Chinese.

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