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What It Does

This training helps you and your family live and work successfully in China. It prepares you for what to expect in China and helps you plan for it. Background information about China and the Chinese provides the framework and you'll quickly learn the appropriate etiquette and protocols then gain tools to help you meet, greet, communicate, negotiate with, understand and live and work the Chinese.

How It Works

The training is modular by task or topic and provided in 4-8 minute videos. You can watch them in sequence as a course in 2-3 hours or use as a library of comprehensive Job Aids - allowing you to quickly get up to speed in a particular area or specific task you are about to undertake. Access is by one-year subscription, costs, online / offline purchasing and other details are shown at the bottom of the page.

Training Videos in This Resource

Total Running Time : 2h 09m

Foundation Information

Background information needed to be successful with China

1. China Background (6:53)

2. Economy (5:59)

3. Chinese Diversity (7:06)

4. History up to 1949 (7:28)

5. History from 1949 (7:05)

6. Language Awareness (5:45)


These videos provide information for your relocation to China

7. Health & safety (6:26)

8. Successful China Assignments (7:25)

9. Culture Shock (6:49)

10. Accompanying Spouse (5:39)

11. Children & Schools (5:59)

12. Housing, Transport, Help (8:31)

Social Influences

Cultural norms affecting thinking, communication, behaviour, decisions

13. Hierarchy (4:26)

14. Face & Guanxi (7:11)

15. Situational Flexibility (6:23)

16. Avoiding Conflict (4:59)


Guidance on how to communicate effectively with the Chinese

17. Translation & Interpretation (5:06)

18. In Person Communication (7:59)

19. Useful Phrases (5.06)

20. Social Media (6.16)

Protocol & Etiquette

How to conduct appropriate interactions with Chinese & what to expect

21. Greeting Chinese (5:38)

22. Meetings (6:22)

23. Dining (7:11)

24. Gifting (3:54)


Take a minute to check out this clip and learn two things that will help you interact with Chinese.

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