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We provide Tourism training for frontline staff, managers and owners as well as government or independent tourism organisations. The example courses below focus on providing better service, attracting more visitors and increasing revenue.

How It Works

You can get some ideas about content from the Sample Courses and Training Modules below. Then simply use the contact form at the bottom of the page to start a conversation about what you require and we'll provide you with a training plan & quote.

Example Courses


This course is aimed at anyone working in or with the tourism industry at any level. Covering the importance and changing nature of the Chinese tourism market, why this market is different from many traditional tourism source markets, what we can do to understand Chinese visitors, provide better service and ensure they have a positive experience.

1. Tourism and the China Market
2. Introduction to China Today
3. Social Ethics & Values
4. Improving Communication
5. Specific skills as appropriate:
- Accommodation
- Food & Beverage
- Retail
- Activity
- Ground Transport
- Airline


This course is aimed at owners and managers of Tourism operations. It covers the importance of the Chinese market, and how to adapt products, services and marketing to maximise Chinese tourism revenue.

1. Market segmentation
2. Evolving market
3. Adapting products & services
4. Chinese travel buying & influences
5. Adapting marketing for the Chinese
6. Chinese social media
7. Next steps

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See our Topic Module page where you can select individual modules addressing specific topics to add to any training.

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