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Our face-to-face Government Training is tailored to help you achieve your goals with China and the Chinese. We work with you to develop the Content, Format and Length based on whom you want trained and what you want them to be able to do.

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You can get some ideas about content from the Sample Courses and Training Modules below. Then simply use the contact form at the bottom of the page to start a conversation about what you require and we'll provide you with a training plan & quote

Example Courses


This course is aimed at all government employees, irrespective of their experience with China. It covers understanding China today and how it came to be; understanding influences on the Chinese, maximizing our relationships and basic protocol tips.

1. Introduction
2. Recent History & Current Trends
3. China Demographics
4. Economy
5. Ethics & Values
6. Building & Maintaining relationships
7. Business Meetings
8. Greeting Protocol
9. Dining Protocol

The Chinese Government

This course is aimed at all government employees who wish to understand more about the Chinese Government structure and systems. It covers legislative and policy trends and is aimed at increasing participants’ knowledge of the workings and influence of Government in China.

1. Government Structure
2. Government Systems
3. Government Mechanisms
4. Legislation & Regulation
5. Corporate Governance - SOE & Private
6. Policy Trends
7. Sector Specific Updates (e.g. Food Security, Safety, etc.)

Communication & Influence

This course is aimed at all government employees, and would benefit those in a China facing role. It focuses on improving outcomes through relationship building by learning about interactions, and negotiating and influencing skills relevant to the Chinese culture.

1. Communication styles
2. Hierarchy
3. Face & Guanxi
4. Situational Flexibility
5. Avoiding Conflict
6. Translation & Interpretation
7. In Person Communication
8. Written Communication
9. Telephone Communication
10. Negotiation & Decision Making
11. Protocol & Etiquette - gifting, dining, etc.
12. Hosting & Leading Delegations
13. Chinese consumers; markets and marketing
14. Adjustment for Chinese in your country


This course is aimed at all government employees who will be involved in either going on a delegation to China or hosting a delegation from China.

1. Introduction to China today
2. Delegations to China
3. Delegations from China
4. Ethics & Values
5. Building & Maintaining relationships
6. Etiquette
7. Protocol: Greeting, Meeting, Dining, Gifting
8. Communication
9. What to take & personal presentation
10. Health & Safety best practices

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See our Topic Module page where you can select individual modules addressing specific topics to add to any training.

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