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These trainings are for people going on delegations and visits to China or hosting delegations from China. The first course is for delegation participants. The second course is for people planning visits to China or arranging hosting of delegations from China.

How It Works

You can get some ideas about content from the Sample Courses and Training Modules below. Then simply use the contact form at the bottom of the page to start a conversation about what you require and we'll provide you with a training plan & quote.

Example Courses

Delegation Participants

Suitable for: Anyone involved in delegations to or from China.

Covering a basic understanding of China & Chinese society today, protocol and communication expectations. For people going to China it can include practical traveling tips including essential health and safety information.

1. Introduction to China today
2. Introduction to Place(s) delegation will be visiting
3. Ethics & Values
4. Building & Maintaining relationships
5. Protocol: Greeting, Meeting, Dining, Gifting
6. Communication
7. What to take & personal presentation
8. Health & Safety best practices

Delegation Planning

Suitable for: Anyone involved in planning delegations to or from China.

This course is designed for anyone planning a delegation to China or planning the hosting of a delegation from China. It covers logistics, planning, materials to prepare, legal considerations and communication with hosts and delegates. This training should be presented well in advance, ideally as soon as planning begins.

1. Delegation Goals & Strategy
2. Location(s), Timing
3. Logistics: Transportation, Accommodation, Activities
4. Preparation: Communication with Chinese parties
5. Preparation: Supporting Materials
6. Legal considerations & requirements
7. Next Steps

Need More Ideas?

See our Topic Module page where you can select individual modules addressing specific topics to add to any training.

Topic Modules

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