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Our face-to-face Business Training is tailored to help you achieve your goals with China and the Chinese. We work with you to develop the Content, Format and Length based on whom you want trained and what you want them to be able to do.

How It Works

You can get some ideas about content from the Sample Courses and Training Modules below. Then simply use the contact form at the bottom of the page to start a conversation about what you require and we'll provide you with a training plan & quote

Example Courses

China Business Foundation

This course presents the foundation of knowledge needed for effective business with China, with insights in to market dynamics, culture, demographics and the political environment.

1. Introduction
2. Recent History & Current Trends
3. China Demographics
4. Economy
5. Business Ethics & Values
6. Building & Maintaining relationships
7. Business Meetings
8. Greeting Protocol
9. Dining Protocol

China Market Entry Strategy

This course covers common challenges, and strategies for success, market differences, entry stages, modes of entry, legal and management structures, and the future of China

1. China Market Entry Challenges & Opportunities
2. Markets - Effective Targeting
3. Your China Strategy: Stages, Goals & Resources
4. Offshore Direct Options
5. Agents and/or Distributors
6. China Legal Entity Options
7. Predicting the Future in China – China’s 13th 5 year plan

Entry Mode

What type of legal entity in China is best for my business? This module helps you decide which legal entity is best for your organization, and understand the process and requirements for setting up, running and ending a company in China.

1. RO - Pros & Cons - Set up overview
2. JV - Pros & Cons - Set up overview
3. WOFE - Pros & Cons - Set up overview
4. FICE - Pros & Cons - Set up overview
5. Ending your entity
6. Hong Kong & Taiwan
7. Further Resources & Vendors


What type of Marketing/Branding/Media works for my business in China? This module helps you understand the China market and how you can use marketing, branding and the media to be successful there.

1. Market Trends
2. Market Research
3. Branding
4. Media
5. Communications - language, visuals, etc.
6. Chinese buying habits: E-Commerce, Online to Offline, etc.

Human Resources

This course covers Human Resources essentials: recruitment, remuneration, labour law, performance management as well as tools to improve your communication with Chinese.

1. Introduction to HR in China
2. Employment Options
3. Recruiting Overseas Chinese
4. Recruiting Domestic Chinese
5. Recruitment Agencies
6. Interviewing/hiring/retaining staff
7. China HR Policies & Legal Requirements
8. Salary & Benefits
9. Indirect Communication
10. Giving & Receiving Feedback
11. Managing Chinese Staff and performance

Finance, Legal, Risk, Planning

Focusing on Intellectual Property, Legal, Financial and Other risks in China, how they are developing, how you can prepare your organization, and what to expect on the ground in China.

1. Introduction to Risk Assessment for China
2. China’s Legal System
3. Contracts & legal documents
4. Export/Import regulations and authorities
5. Banking & Currency Risks
6. Tax & Financial reporting
7. Intellectual Property Risk Analysis
8 IP Risk Management best practices
9. Risks: Environmental
10. Risks: Physical
11. Risks: Reputation
12. Risks: Political

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